Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Irene Gray

After living in my home for almost 40 years, I made the decision to move out of Richmond Hill to a smaller community just north of Kingston. My dilemma was to find the right Realtor to represent my property in this marketplace which is saturated with a lot of inventory, as well as finding the right Realtor who is closely linked to the market demographics of the neighbourhood. Mori Rezaei left an interesting note in my mailbox, when he noticed I was moving out, stating he would like to meet with me to discuss my needs, and shortly thereafter I received a telephone called asking if I’d be interested in his services, to represent my property. Our meeting was very cordial, professional, and very informative as Mori represented potential buyers from the different community making my property very marketable. Mori took time to explain many changes in the Real Estate Market, and he also did a thorough search of prospective buyers. He emphasized the fact that my house in a good location (close to most amenities), had neutral colours, very clean, non-smoking, and had many new upgrades (installation, furnace, air conditioning, roof, windows) and the house in general had been looked after very well over the years which resulted in an average of at least 1-2 viewings, and an Open House scheduled every weekend until the house sold early 2018 (as my house wasn’t on the MLS until late October 2017). Mori used his respective professional expertise in selling my house for a price I felt was fair, and that I was very comfortable with the price and conditions of the sale. My requirements for a buyer was top of mind for Mori he came through on their commitment in finding the right buyer in these difficult real estate times. My sincere thanks to you for your persistence and assistance in selling my house so that I can move to my new home and enjoy life. We must stay in touch as you brought the true human touch to the real estate market.

By: Reza & Naghmeh Nasiri

Yes, it is possible to sell your house with a price that is higher than your expectations in only couple of days after listing. In fact, this just happened to us thank to the professional work of our real estate agent, Mori Rezaei. For us, working with Mori was a great pleasure. With him, we enjoyed peace of mind throughout the process of selling our house. We are positive that you will get the same professional services and excellent results as we did if you choose Mori Rezaei.

By: M. Steele

Our home was put up for sale relatively quickly - in just under 2 weeks; home was prepared for selling then up on the market; my home sold in 4 days with almost 100% of asking price. Mori was attentive and straight-forward with me; no hidden surprises. A good chap to work with.

By: Bhuwani Gusain

Mori encouraged me and made me feel safe about buying the right house. All of our needs/wants were met with the house he showed us. He always answered my questions quickly and accurately. He appointed the right people to help me with the process such as brokers, lawyers, etc. He is very trustworthy, knowledgeable about real estate and very patient about everything.

By: Michael Kai Tak, Siu

It was a pleasure working with Mori. My home was listed with other agent for over a month. It was not sold. After I fired my old agent, I plan to list my house for rent. Mori come to my house and he told me he can help us to sell it. At the beginning I was doubtful, since it has been on the market for a long period of time with hundreds of viewings. Then all of sudden a miracle happened. He sold my house in less than 8 hours with price very close to the asking. I would recommend Mori for sure, he is very professional and hard working. He understands the real estate market and know how to negotiate. With his help we can feel much better moving to our new estate home.


We would like to thank Mori for his efforts in securing a sale on our property. Mori was able to sell our property in three days and $29,000 over asking price and he bought another property for us in 10 days. Mori always kept us informed and up to date on the progress of the buy and sell so we were never left in the dark. This is the second time we have used him and believe we will use him again very soon on our next property.

By: Yan Zeng

Thank you so much for all the efforts in selling my condo and getting me the new dream home for my whole family. I am very glad that you are my agent that you really helped me to overcome all the difficulties when I was busy dealing with my work, classes and family. You smartly negotiated with the seller and the agent for lowering the house price; got me prepared and ready for selling my condo; dealt with issues when I was in class and not able to pick up the phone. The point I much appreciated is that you pick up the phone whenever I call, no matter how late it is; and it really helps me to make quick decision after discussing with you. It is a great experiences and I would highly recommend you to any of my friends who need to buy/sell a place. Thanks again for all the helps.

By: Ian and Kathleen

Kath and I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you gave us in finding our new home in another city and as well selling our first home here in Mississauga. As you are aware we bought before selling and this added the stress and worry about owning two homes so we were very pleased when you told us you could handle the sale of our old home as well. It has been a one-year search for the home of our dreams. We looked at many and you were there any time we called to make appointments to view, or to just meet and talk. Even though you were geographically a far distance from our old home and our chosen new home, you never put us aside or changed appointments or dates. You made us feel not like clients or customers but like friends and we carry that friendship with us as we look forward to completing our move and beyond. Your expertise in negotiation of the new purchase got us down to the final sign back with the excluded high end appliances now included and you asked us to trust you to work your magic to get the sellers to agree to the price we wanted. Well done Mori. Your honesty and caring attitude, work ethic, negotiation skills and expertise in the overwhelming legal jargon of a real estate transaction was evident from the first days we met and will be a welcome benefit to all of your future transactions. Thank you again Mori, We will be keeping in touch.

By: Reza & Naghmeh Nasri

Yes, it is possible to sell your house with a price that is higher than your expectations in only couple of days after listing. In fact, this just happened to us thank to the professional work of our real estate agent

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!